VMK Records


Kivema aka Marian Kiannu, has been interested in electronic music since 1996. Music became a part of his life. About 20 years of DJ experience and performances in clubs and major festivals in Europe and Russia.


Released his first album in 2019 called Take a Deep Breath.
The first week on Wednesdays of each month, his program, (Techno In My Brain) can be heard on the radio Data Transmission, will be available from 06.10.2021

V.M.K Records label founder in 2015 and
Techno House Records in 2019


Performance live using a drum machine and DJ equipment controllers
Love to play techno, tech house and house style


Dj, Remixer, Music producer
Radio: Data Transmission (Techno In My Brain)
Label owner
(V.M.K Records)
(Techo House Records)

Watch out for new releases
Instagram @djkivema



Album 2019
Spotify playlist