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Kivema, a gifted and creative musician who is from Finland's thriving electronic music industry, has had a significant influence on the genre. Kivema, an electronic music artist with a specialty on dance music, has won over audiences with their distinctive sound and enthralling live performances.
Electronic and house music elements are smoothly incorporated into Kivema's music, which radiates a contagious vitality. His songs include pulsing beats, seductive melodies, and complex layers of synths that combine to produce a dynamic and captivating audio experience. Kivema's talent for creating fascinating compositions is evidence of their artistic ability and in-depth familiarity with the genre.
25 years of DJ experience and performances in clubs and major festivals in Europe and Russia.


V.M.K Records label founder in 2015 and
Techno House Records in 2019
Performance live using a drum machine and DJ equipment controllers
Love to play techno, tech house and house style

Dj, Remixer, Music producer
Label owner
(V.M.K Records)
(Techo House Records)


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IG @djkivema



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